Ciarán Burke

Ciarán Burke-Color Theory Tattoo

Ciarán Burke

Ciarán Burke, or Ci (Key), is a professionally-trained artist from the Chicagoland area that loves working on cartoon-themed pieces. He is very easy-going and willing to work on any project he’s presented with; he loves tattooing, and he loves talking.

 Ci works every  Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. You can reach him at his email ( or on his Instagram (@ci_does_art). Ci cares and loves you.

Color Theory Tattoo Lombard, IL

Color Theory Tattoo is located in Lombard Illinois. The professional staff at Color Theory Tattoo has over 30 years of combined experience in the Chicagoland area.


1047 E St Charles Rd, Lombard, IL 60148

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