Brittany Robertson

Brittany Robertson-Color Theory Tattoo

Brittany Robertson

With a strong passion for art and a true love of meeting, talking to and bonding with people- tattooing is just the perfect combination for Brittany. She is open to all styles of pieces, loves creating custom artwork and has been professionally tattooing since 2019.

As an artist that has worked with many mediums her entire life, Brittany feels that tattooing is by far her favorite and most enjoyable artistic expression. She grew up in the suburbs right outside of Chicago, with her parents and younger sister, who are also artistic human beings!

“When I was in early grade school, my Dad sat me down and critically explained that the only way to live a happy life is to do what you LOVE and are naturally skilled at. That advice has stuck with me my entire life, which I’m grateful for because that is how I realized being a tattoo artist is simply what I’m meant to do.”

Brittany is in the studio Wednesday-Saturday 12-10 pm.

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